The American Healthcare System

Hi all sorry for the long absence in my blogs but personal issues had priority and needed to be taken care of, which I am going to discuss in the following blog.

I have seen the inner workings of how Obamacare is basically going to destroy the Healthcare system as we know it. Recently the issue that has kept me away is my wife was very sick and was hospitalized for just about a month.

Add to this that because I am unemployed and at the current moment on long term disability trying to train for a job I am able to do under the restriction of my own doctor. Also add that we have no Health Insurance because of issues that happened months ago which I will not bore you all with.

So to get back on point when my wife was first hospitalized and it was known that she  had no insurance which is placed in your chart. You could tell the difference in care given to her versus those who had health insurance. Not all the Nurses were this way there were a few who gave her the best care they could.

Coming from a Healthcare background that spanned most of my adult life (15 years) I was very upset at what I saw. Though my wife is special in a way also. She is a duel transplant patient which makes it hard to find doctors that want to handle her case. That was the case at the hospital she was admitted to, so she was transferred as soon as could happen.

Though not with the hospitals help let me explain that to you. She had to go to a hospital that had a transplant team so I had too contact the CEO of that hospital and explain the situation to him and ask him to take her so she could get better. He did and I will give a shout out to Tampa General and their fine staff of Doctor’s, and nurses.

Though when she was first admitted the orginal hospital sent up a social worker to help her get insurance. Though in reality lets face it they want to make sure they get paid in anyway they can. I can’t blame them for it and don’t fault them in the least. Though the social workers seemed to know less about the working programs such as medicaid, and SSI. I knew more and we had come to an impass a few times because of their lack of knowledge.

The social worker first told us they were going to get her Emergent Medicaid. When this was told to us I knew it was for Illegal Immigrants but figured maybe I was wrong. I figured hell they are the social workers they should know it so I figured they were right. My mistake was not trusting in myself that first time. I was right US citizens can’t get Emergent Medicaid only Illegals. Then come to find out she can’t qualify for Medicaid either because she never adopted my two children. Which makes no sense but ok.

Now so you the reader know I am not for any of these programs other then as a temp measure for people who are down and out. I do not condone being left on it like the government does nor allowing dependency on the program. I advocate that charities should run these programs rather then the government.

So we pay taxes for all these people to be on Medicaid, and for people Illegally in this country to get healthcare but our own citizens who are struggling to make it can’t get that help when needed. If that is not an ass backwards system I don’t know what is. We reward those that break the law, or want to be dependent on these programs. Yet we can’t help those who just need it on a temporary basis. Wow way to go US Government!

So with much effort and a lot of research we are in the process of getting the financial help we need with out using the Federal Government.

How is Obamacare going to destroy the Healthcare system. Let me share my experience. My wife takes immune suppressent drugs. Her drug in December cost us around 775 dollars. Since parts of Ocare have taken effect it has risen the price to 900 dollars for a months supply.

Nationalizing the Healthcare system (though lets face it we can’t even call Ocare that) is the wrong way to go about solving the healthcare problems. What got us into these problems to begin with, Government regulations is the answer. So what do we do to solve or at least amke it somewhat better. Well deregulate the Healthcare Insurance Industry allow people to be able to shop around for insurance.

Don’t force companies to carry insurance for workers. This is part of the problem also. Health Insurance is no longer about preventive care. Health Insurers should focus on preventing illnesses rather then battling them when it is to late. This will save a lot of money.

Allow people to shop for where they want their care provide i.e. hospitals, labs, X-rays. Allowing people to see the price would make Healthcare providers more competive which in turn would lower prices as they fight for your business. Allowing people to go to Georgia if they live in Florida without the restrictions of Health Insurance would allow Insurance companies to save money as well as the people.

The current system is broken, Ocare is not the answer it will cause mor eharm the good. I will continue to say if you are going to Nationalize Healthcare you go in it all the way. Ocare does not even go into Nationalizing Healthcare partially. What it does is punishes the citizens for not being able to afford health insurance. Which the Government and its regualtion are the cause of making it unaffordable. They need to fix it the correct way Ocare is not the correct way.

  • Cal Sullivan

    Welcome back Chris!

    • Christopher Grear

      Thank you it is nice to finally blog again lol.

  • cissod

    While I am with you about “going all the way” your political wiles should tell you why we didn’t – yes, one party fought against ANY changes tooth and nail. Politics is the art of the possible, not what you or I want or what we think is right (or what is right).
    Up here in Ma. we have had Obamacare in full effect for quite a few years – and not only has it not “destroyed” our system, but each and every patient has the right to some of the top medical care in the US – no, in fact, the world.
    I know people who have received 1/2 million in care… top Boston hospitals, for nothing. Well, nothing out of their pockets, something out of mine. But that is the way a commonwealth or great society works.
    Our family, unfortunately, also has seen the inside of too many hospitals in the last couple years as our daughter has needed multiple brain and spinal surgeries. The facilities were first class – I mean, better than a 4 star hotel. The docs and nurses were A-1.

    Someday we WILL have full health care for all without all the nuances. But as long as politicians protect the big money interests, it will be a while until that happens.

    As examples of how far this goes, the Leader of the US Senate under GW – Bill Frist – his family are billionaires from owning hospitals. Romney has done hundreds of millions in deals in medical care. Rick Scott, that “conservative” gov. of Florida ran a health care firm which paid some of the bigger FRAUD fines in US History.

    Look. Carefully. Don’t approach politics with a viewpoint and then make everything fit into it.