The Boy Scouts Sell Out to PC

I've always had a pretty good history of being candid when naming these articles and this one was closer to my heart than many that I write. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) this Monday will begin discussions to decided whether to allow openly gay scouts and scout leaders in their organization; impacting over 100 year of long standing tradition and core values. Personally I do not think the Boy Scouts should bend to the will of pop culture and I feel by this action they have become yet another group selling out to political correctness. Now by writing an article like this, or in any opinion against the popular idea of acceptance without question, I will be called a homophobe and all sort of things but that only goes back to my recent article on political radicalism and how it's destroying the discussion in this nation. Where opinion is wrong because you are not with the popular crowd – that's not democracy.

Anyone who has been a boy scout in the past, and there are many of us including myself, know that the boy scouts have been a group that has correctly steered youth on the right path for years. The path of morality, faith, courage, and honor. In fact the scouts live by 12 core values that they proudly teach; citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, health and fitness, Honesty, perseverance, positive attitude, resourcefulness, respect, and finally responsibility. Those are good values and many a young man has gone through the boy scouts and living by such values and has turned out to be outstanding citizens. That is how the boy scouts have maintained themselves as a positive and living organization for over 100 years now.

Scouts today will have a sightly easier time. Now there are only 11 core values since the BSA is abandoning faith in exchange for reputation and political correctness. Or is it 10 core values since they no longer have the courage to stand up for their standards? Is it actually 8 because if you think about respect you can cross that off the list, since the scouts are thinking about throwing away their self respect, and as for honesty – it's debatable to say that they are now liars. By changing they are lying about what they stand for, they are lying to those who have supported them and have served them, and they are lying to themselves. So what is a set of core values if you decide on a whim to abandon one third (1/3) of them? What does that say about your organization? What do you tell those who you teach that you have abandoned your entire mission. 

I'm sure the scouts will not change much but it's the principle of the thing. The above paragraph outlines what they are doing. Will there be negative black lash? Perhaps, perhaps not. Will they go forward with their proposal…maybe, maybe not. Either way will they be the same? Not to those of us who supported them for who they are and boasted of their willpower to maintain themselves and not give in to pop culture. Either way I don't think much of gay scout leader leading packs of young men into the forest to live in close quarter tents, and I don't think very much of gay scouts sleeping with boys they may become attracted to. It sounds like a very horrible social experiment.

We shall hope that the Boy Scouts decided to maintain their standards, renew their courage, and continue being the organization that our youth today needs – not wants.