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Conservative movement – The right wing for the strangest reason has this big problem on their hands and they cannot figure out how to fix it. Alright it’s not actually that hard to figure out but they’ve missed the mark for decades and then our leaders whine about how we cannot understand why all the kids are liberals. I’m 24…I’m an exception and not in a majority with my beliefs and opinions….so let me break it down for you because I see it everyday. I understand why the youth cannot connect with the conservative movement. It’s not indoctrination, it’s not the schools, it’s not the media….it’s the barriers we put up. These barriers are why you are failing and I’m dead serious about what I’m about to write because I’ve experienced it many times before and just a few minutes ago. So we’re going to address this problem so that people understand it and we’re going to pin point why you do not represent the conservative movement if you are a part of the problem. If you are not a part of the American Patriot Movement…then you may want to take notes because I’m about to solve one of your issues. My movement doesn’t need this tutorship because we are well aware of the implications already and do not subscribe to the problem or the ones who make the problem worse.

The Age Fallacy is what I like to call it personally. Don’t get offended by this but to a twenty something year old if you are above 35….you are old. That’s just how it is and how perception works but we’re not going to go too far into psychology. You are all aware of this already and I am not telling you anything that you already did not know. You we’re all in your twenties once or so I assume. So the Age Fallacy is the fallacy where an older person dismisses the younger person in a debate or topic based on age alone. It’s usually used as the end of the debate as a finishing move if you will consider it as such. No facts are given, no talk is attempted, no discussion is made, just condescending dismissals are given. Ironically the youth wants to speak out and they want to be politically active! As a result of this fallacy and other problems in our mainstream party they are ruining to only party that supports them…the liberals! We are a massive road block just full of angry old people it seems and they are scaring away the younger members. Now don’t take it as if I’m calling the entire conservative movement old but we certainly do have some age barriers and some pretty arrogant people who use that as their excuse to bully others. I don’t actually believe these types of bullies to be conservative in the first place because they are bringing us all down. The point is by censoring the youth….do we expect to gain their voice? That’s backwards as all hell. Here let me give you an example of a topic I was just in with another so called conservative about the topic of the family unit and why I do not believe two gay men can adequately raise a child the same as a mother and father…

Like anyone my age…if you are going to play hardball…so am I. I grew up in the time trolling was invented so when old folks try to troll, like Bessie above, they often fail dramatically because I can do it better. I grew up when the internet was developing and I know it like the back of my hard. Bessie is 50 years old or so she claims. She also claims to be conservative but we know that is not true for the following reasons…

Bullies are not conservatives. Simply put those dragging down the conservative movement and creating the problems are not conservative no matter how hard they try to bandwagon on with us. This is a republican trait, a gene passed down from the old elitist leaders representing the status quo and currently causing this nation to break apart as they fight with the as equally problematic Democrats. These people are what we call bandwagon followers and have picked up on the successes of conservatism and have tried to claim the ideology as their own without picking up our ideals and core values. Call them republican-lite if you wish but there is a whole slew of people in our populace doing this right now including several leaders such as Michelle Bachman. Conservatives do not bully to get our way and we do not debate like children. We recognize the Age Fallacy and we realize every time we practice it we drive more and more of the youth away. The sooner we put a stopper on the other movements employing this fallacy the closer we will get to regaining our stature in this nation and being on equal terms with the liberals. You don’t want to hear it but we’ve created our own problem here. We’ve made it so the youth does not want to be a part of our groupings…because they fear censorship, segregation, and dismissal. All things we as conservatives and our conservative movement do not practice. Bessie up there will never apologize, her types are usually far too arrogant to do so and embrace the age fallacy. Until we can separate the conservative movement from these bandwagoners…we will never get the youth back. That’s the plain and simple fact.

Conservative Movement

Now I know a guy who’s a part of our movement who is 16 years old. Yes…you read that right. 16 years old and he thinks a lot better than many people I have come across on the political web. He sees the problems and he knows the problems and I’m glad he allies himself with our movement who does not discriminate against the youth….or bully them like Bessie and her bandwagon type of cohorts……and can expect to never be censored or segregated. This is a citizens movement and you are a citizen from birth. If you are mature enough to speak on politics then you are alright by us. We will recapture the youth as the other republicans fall and take their problems (and the Democrats with them). Conservatism and politics in general are evolving. I know that it is hard for those older folks who have been in this game so long to change their way of thinking…but they must. They either do so or risk being left behind by the times and not being useful in any political situation. The old political regimes are dying and it is up to the older members of right wing belief to update themselves and to realize that their beliefs and opinions can succumb to the times as easily as a political party can. Ask the wig party about that one – they experienced the same and all of their members we’re sapped up by the surrounding movements. This is you and this is now and it’s time for a change. Do not allow yourself to be drowned by time and realize that our nation is changing and we are coming to a precipice where all things may change. What you have experienced in your life may be valuable and maybe be useful…but never be so arrogant to believe that you are better than anyone else of any other age. Rise up and be a part of the solution. Rise up with conservatism and conservative movement. Rise up with groups such as the American Patriot Movement as we take back America. Rise up and be the better person. The youth deserves that much out of you.

Ernest Benn described the age fallacy quite well when he once said “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy” We have been applying the wrong remedy for almost a century. Are you ready to be a part of the solution or are you content being the problem? You change or you become obsolete and that is how the world works, apologies, but we will all be old and in your situation one day. I for one plan to be a guiding light for the youth when I am 50 and not a gag of censorship. Consider it wisely before it is too late. 

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