Israel and Iran Heating Up for Possible War

Israeli army soldiers israel combat military field dress uniforms 0021 Israel and Iran Heating Up for Possible War


Israel has reacted to new reports that Iran is a fingers grasp away from obtaining a nuclear weapon, time is running out, and so are excuses. Will they do it? Is a new war near?


Things are yet again heating up in the Middle East and I promise this isn’t going to be an article all about the weather. A new report on Iran and its nuclear aspiration has come down the line with some very troubling news. It seems that Iran is less than a month away from having a viable nuclear weapon and destabilizing the Middle East. This of course came as quite the shocker to the Israeli’s who promptly told the world again that they would attack Iran and go to war before allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons. I imagine it came as quite a shocker to President Obama as well who a month earlier had become the first US President to speak to an Iran President since the Iran Conflict nearly 30 years ago and had discussed getting rid of the nuclear option in Iran. Quite the stalling tactic if I do so myself but with dire consequences for the rest of the world. This of course puts us in the US in limbo about the future.

Is War Incoming?

The biggest question right now must be is a war coming and are we ready for it?  Israel is very serious about preventing Iran from going nuclear and they feel that such an event would be devastating. They have told the world over and over again that they will go to war over the matter. It was no different this week when Danny Danon, the top Israeli Defense Minister in Israel came out to the world and exasperatedly repeated the well-worn warning and warned even further that it had been relayed in every international platform. Israel might have its back against a wall this time with the new report and let’s pretend we in the US are not connected by a golden string. America is Israel’s largest supporter and greatest ally so it is inconceivable that pending Israeli action that America would not be involved in some way whether politically or in military might. The problem being of course that America is war weary and we’re tired of sending troops to defend this sandy third world section of the planet where it’s citizens would rather blow up a crowded street then allow a woman to drive and decide when to leave the house. As bad as that sounds we hear stories about such things all the time. So if Israel goes to war with Iran it’s not a question of whether America will be involved but a question of how far involved.

It’s not the same old war

We in the US have had 12 years of warfare in the Middle East but nothing that we have encountered will be comparable to what we will encounter in Iran. It’s not the same old war but instead will be completely different. You can already hear people complaining of a continuation of the wars we have ongoing but fail to realize that instead of fighting a rag tag group of ill equipped guerrilla fighters we’ll be up against a well-fortified militaristic government with an Army, Air Force, and Navy. Iran might have outdated cold war military equipment passed down from the Soviet Union but they are still an entirely different fighting force then the Taliban could have ever presented. We would be talking about a traditional war that we have not seen since perhaps the first Iraq War or even Korea. It’s safe to say such a thing would destabilize the Middle East and would escalate problems such as the Syrian Civil War. It could even pit the Muslim world against each other and we all know that could last centuries past the war – it’s well known the Arabic side of the Middle East is not very fond of the Persian side of the Middle East. Two examples of this schism would be the Saudi’s and the Iranians. However are we ready for a war such as this?

The Good and Massively Bad

To say a war could be a good thing is a horrible thing to say but one cannot deny the effects World War 2 had on the US economy. The economy launched into military support mode and many companies started supplementing and supporting the military instead of the consumer and our economy boomed as a result for decades later. That effect could happen if such a war would happen but at the same time during World War 2 we we’re e not nearly 16 trillion dollars in debt! Could we even afford such a prolonged operation? Now for the obvious…war is hell and lives will be lost. That’s unacceptable considering the Middle East still hates us even though we’ve sacrificed 12 years to make their area of the world even slightly civilized and peaceful. Even that slight achievement took far too much than we should have put out. The last two wars we’re lemons. Let’s not even sugar coat it. We had no business being in the Middle East – we should have taken them out and let the cards fall. To still be there so long is unacceptable and if we get involved in an Israeli and Iran war…it’ll be even longer.

I hope it doesn’t happen but you know in this world you just never know. The Israeli’s have their backs against the wall and they’ve run their mouth, Iran has stalled and lied and have almost met their goal, and the US is standing by waiting to see how it goes. How long will the wait be?

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  2. evil chevy

    When you mix in a bit of Uranium-240 into pellets designed for nuclear power plants at (low level of U-235 enrichment), that does not in any way impact the energy value in a nuclear power plant of those pellets.

    It does however mean, they would have to be redissolved and re-centrifuged before being upgraded to a higher level of enrichment for use in a nuclear bomb. Here’s why:

    U-240 has an “early release neutron”.

    This means it poisons the number of generations one can obtain in a chain reaction.

    Instead of getting a massive release of energy in which 2% of the fissile material is converted into heat and light and blast, you get a nuclear fizzle in which the “bomb” just blows itself apart into a big radioactive mess right there within 50 yards. About 0.0000000000001% of the nuclear material is converted into energy. Enough to break the steel casing around the “bomb”.

    So far so good, but how do we get the Iranian nuclear pellets to contain U-240?

    The Russians are taking back all the nuclear fuel and yellowcake from Iran. They say they will do the enrichment instead of having Iran do it. The Russians will then provide the cores for the Iran nuclear reactors.

    It seems pretty easy to just mix some U-240 into those pellets.

    If the Iranians are not a bunch of great big fat liars, and if all they want is nuclear power, not nuclear bombs, they can stand down and dismantle and sell all their centrifuges. Let the Russians provide the power-grade enriched pellets.

    End of story.

    But if the Iranians are in fact a bunch of great big fat liars, and have zero interest in nuclear power (why would they need it sitting on top of 20% of the world’s proven oil and gas reserves), and they have 100% interest in building a nuclear bomb to set off in Israel or New York, then they will make all sorts of arguments about why they need to keep their centrifuges.

    At some point a powerful and capable world is going to get tired of a mendacious and sneaky Iran which thinks it’s being oh so clever and that nobody will touch them.

    The US is now building a set of 6000 pound bunker busters, that are non-nuclear, but the most powerful non-nuclear bombs ever built.

    They are not being built to drop on Patagonia.

    The world’s patience has almost run out, a few grains left in the hourglass for Iran.

    They are not going to get straight. They are going to get vaporized, probably by the end of this year, or at least by next Summer.

    Our goal is to kill the minimum number of Russian technicians possible. Beyond that, we would like to kill the minimum number of humans possible. Beyond that, we would like to destroy nothing other than Iran’s nuclear facilities. We have no war that we wish to make on the Iranian people, or on the country of Iran as a general matter. This is not a “Shock and Awe” approach. We want a small blast radius aboveground, possibly as little as 1,200 yards.

    Ideally we want an area that can be decontaminated, entombed, or at least isolated, in a cost-effective manner.

    The art of dealing with the world’s problems is about solving them (so they are not there anymore), not just perpetual talking, lying, more talking, more lying, playing about, presenting a mummery, doing a little Ali Baba with the Yankee Devils. That show is about to be gonged. They should take a bow and leave the stage gracefully, while they can still do so and make a good deal for themselves.

    Bigpants Sistani do you Capische this? You need to see it right? OK pal.

  3. Cole

    So here goes mine:
    1. The Middle East- The war has already started. It’s just not “official”. Real start day was the invasion of Iraq in March of 2003. So, a Middle Eastern country(such as Iran or Pakistan)will obtain nuclear weapons from lets say North Korea. This will cause a revolt throughout that WHOLE region. Israel will soon go to war with some of their fellow neighbors(such as Palestine)and destroy them. The U.S. will soon get involved.
    2. Elsewhere in Asia- China will invade Taiwan and the U.S. soon comes to the rescue of Taiwan. Failing. So with the U.S. distracted, North Korea will lead an attack on South Korea taking over it. Then the involvement of nuclear weapons joins the war. Now I guess you could call it Korea, will start firing missiles at the U.S. causing a large fall in population and an economic collapse. The U.S. will then be at war with Korea, China, Syria, Iran, and possibly Pakistan.
    3. Russia- China will eventually start using WMD’s. Russia will fear danger, causing a declaration of war on China. That will be a heated Nuclear battle as 2 of the most powerful nations go to war. More economic collapse. The U.S. will continue war with Korea, wiping out large cities and population by the use of WMD’s. Both will basically fall apart and states will POSSIBLY start seceding.
    4. Citizens- The waring countries with probably have citizens revolting, peacefully and violently, and will flee that country for the sake of their families. Citizens will also question the government, and with the U.S. given the right to change the government if the current is destructive or unliked by citizens, this will most likely occur but fail do to being at war with superpowers and non-experienced people running it.
    5. Europe- I don’t see European countries really getting involved except the United Kingdom. That whole area will come together to form the United British Republic(or some other name, I made that up). They will aide the U.S. and will be taken as enemies to China and Korea. They will be attacked by nuclear weapons that wipeout the whole area. The British will not be prepared due to citizens revolting to their form of government, which is widely hated to an extent of people.
    6. The World as One- Peaceful nations will try to bring the world together as one, by government and religion. The people would start fighting over which religion to be The One and fight will break out, this time between Christians, Jewish, Muslims, and maybe Buddhists. This plan that would be attempted will fail and make relations worse throwing all countries into hating each other. The world as we know it will be war-torn and impossible to fix. It will be the end of mankind.
    7. India- Will be blown to pieces early on by Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries.
    8. The Battle of Armageddon- I am a firm believer in God. If the battle comes to an end soon enough, maybe the world could miraculously become reunited spiritually, ending our era and beginning a new era of mankind.

    I did just come up with this in my head. Half of this I came up with. Though some is highly possible, such as the Korean and United States at war. I want to read your thoughts and hear your opinions on mine. Have a great day!

  4. turg143

    Do you think Iran could have a hidden agenda? Do you believe that Israel may be in danger, and should they strike Iran before the plant is up and running? Does anyone believe that Israel will even do anything about it?

  5. Gabriel Kenney

    “They” didn’t let John McCain pick Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

    Former Bush strategist Matthew Dowd gives this claim the loudest voicing I’ve heard yet:

    “They didn’t let John McCain pick the person he wanted to pick as VP. When Sarah Palin got picked instead of Joe Lieberman… that whole ready versus not ready argument was not credible.”

    Today, most people are focusing in on the second part of Dowd’s remarks — “He knows, in his gut, that he put somebody unqualified on the ballot… and he put the country at risk, he knows that.”

    But I want to linger for a while on the first thought.

    Who is the “they” that has veto power over John McCain?

    Isn’t this his campaign?

    Isn’t he running for the highest executive office in the land.

    Isn’t he aiming to be “the decider” part deux?

    How is it possible that John McCain isn’t even the decider in his own campaign?

    Why isn’t this the McCain/Lieberman ‘08 ticket?

    This is a question worth getting an answer to.

    Tim Dickinson

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