North Korea Tests Nuke

You know that feeling of impending conflict you sometimes get when you know something historically relevant has happened? I'm getting that feeling right now. Specifically I believe because the world just discovered that North Korea has successfully tested a Nuclear Bomb. Big deal right…we have them. Not quite. Let's not get into sort of topic because we all know the implications at this point. North Korea is jacked up crazy and hates the US and just about everyone surrounding them; Japan must be throwing a shit fit right now. This is big news because that maniacal little Korean dictator Kim Jong Un now has nuclear power and God knows whether he is stupid enough to use it. At least this puts to rest their long dead lie that all they want is nuclear power. They can't use that one anymore. However now we have to think about how this effects the world and the dangers it now opens us up to.

Currently this is so new off the news presses politically there's not much to say. However it doesn't take that much of a genius to take some guesses. President Obama has most likely been woken up and briefed on the situation which is good because this is going to obviously be one his first difficulties abroad in his new term. You know what I'll even give him a clean slate despite the last 4 years and just see how he handles it; maybe he'll do well. The US State Department is certainly on alert and is probably preparing a statement. I will be very surprised if we are not one of the first nations to condemn this test. The military may or may not be put on alert and to be honest I'm not sure about this one or how it would affect us domestically. You can bet the CIA is alert and buzzing. This is big news even if people will wake up tomorrow and flip the channel to Oprah instead of watching it on their local news. 

This will be the third test North Korea has made and probably the most successful. It's already speculated that the North Koreans have a ballistic missile able to reach America although not entirely confirmed as of this time. Also one has to remember that just last week North Korea released a video of a nuclear attack hitting New York City….although it was later figured out quite comically to be a video that was ripped and edited from a Call of Duty video game.I hate laying the facts out like that but it is what it is and I don't want to incite fear but one just has to think. These people are crack pots with some very unfounded and heavy grudges. While the average American may not even take notice you can bet the government is awake and jumping and avidly watching.

So what can we get from this. Months ago before the elections I was predicting conflict with either Iran or North Korea. Both of these places are just tinder boxes ready to explode with anti-american negativity. The only question was which one would cause world war 3. Then out of nowhere Mali started up in North Africa which also became a concern. With the elections however my focus has been too distracted here at home and with the political tension going on about liberals and conservatives and I had forgotten that there are true radicals in this world that make our radicals look like children. It's hard to admit but I feel like a fool because just yesterday I wrote about Patton speaking on complacency and here I have been…a fool on yet a topic that I should have had my eye on. I wager a lot of Americans will wake up and election fervor will finally wear off and people will go "oh…there are real threats in the world" and all this domestic bickering will seem fruitless again. 

The fact is both Iran and North Korea are international dangers and whichever one explodes first will be the start. However thinking back to Patton….that man was smart and he once said "The more I see of Arabs the less I think of them. By having studied them a good deal I have found out the trouble. They are the mixture of all the bad races on earth, and they get worse from west to east, because the eastern ones have had more crosses." It's almost like he knew….but then again he did predict the Cold War much to the dissatisfaction of then General Eisenhower. 

I'm going to leave this video here for you to watch. It's the intro to a game I beat a few years back about North Korea invading the US. I don't think they can do that but the game came out before Kim Il Jong died and it predicted it and several other events. I always recall it when I think of North Korea and that threat. Enjoy.

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