Kim Jong Un

The North Korea Twits Threaten Us Again

Is it something in the water? Perhaps it’s something in the food. Hang on - there is no food. I don’t know folks…what do you think is wrong with the North Koreans? I can’t figure it out and every time I read about them in the news I am ever more stumped and confused. What fuels the North Korea madness and where does it stop? Yesterday in the news was yet another threat from the pip squeak leader Kim Jong-Un’s little regime whining about nuking Washington DC. That’s all they ever whine about and while the first time was disturbing to the general public….this is like the nineteenth time in five months they’ve made this threat. No one cares anymore. It’s “boy who cried wolf” syndrome pretty much. Even the State Department has made it obvious that they are in no clear rush to issue a statement or even acknowledge that the small crack pot nation even made the national news at all. They are not going to attack us and they know it…hell even we know it. Let’s go over why and let’s just discuss North Korea in general. At the end of this I also want to put out a statement from the American Patriot Movement on the threat.

So what’s all this humbug about? Well some North Korean Army General at the command of Kim Jong-Un (presumably) came out and made this statement to the world yesterday: ”Intercontinental ballistic missiles and various other missiles, which have already set their striking targets, are now armed with lighter, smaller and diversified nuclear warheads and are placed on a standby status. When we shell (the missiles), Washington, which is the stronghold of evils, …. will be engulfed in a sea of fire“. Oooh….a sea of fire….oh man I’m just trembling in my computer chair…not. I guess the one thing we should be thankful for is that this is a statement and not a video. The last nuke threat video the US got from the North Korean country was a chopped up and poorly edited rip of a scene out of the popular game Call of Duty. I watched it and it was bad. I think a ten year old with access to a basic video editor could probably have done better. Even still it must be noted that the country is getting better at it’s threats. At least this one is grammatically correct.

Enough poking fun at them. It’s too damn easy. Lets get into some politics and why no one is really taking this seriously. The first person to vocally say something on this statement was Sen. Robert Menendez, a democrat out of New Jersey, who basically just said the obvious: “the absurd threat of a nuclear strike on the U.S. would be tantamount to suicide“. Indeed it would be too and we’re all well aware of it and I assume so is North Korea. If North Korea launched missiles at America it would be war and not one they could win in any form at all. I have doubts that any missile from North Korea would get through our missile defense systems but even still our vengeance will be swift and it would be harsh. It’s not any sort of secret that North Korea’s new nuclear weapons are as powerful as the Atomic Bomb that was launched in Hiroshima Japan. That was the US capability over 50 years ago.

Today our nuclear warheads are capable of wiping North Korea off the continent…literally. Let’s put it into focus. The North Korean nuclear weapons are as strong as the WW2 atomic bombs: these bombs put forth a blast that is the equivalent of 15 kilotons of TNT. They killed 200,000 people and annihilated a city in a flash. Our nuclear warheads today are estimated by officials to be at the equivalent of 300 Kilotons of TNT. That’s 20 times more powerful than the Atomic Bombs that North Korea is boasting of targeting at us. It’s about the same as threatening to stab a man welding a bazooka with a pencil. So if a 15 kiloton bomb wiped out a city and 200,000 lives……we can at least guess that 300 kiloton bomb could reshape the Asian continent, possibly create a new ocean, and would have the power to kill over 4 million people in a flash. No bunker could save the North Korean leadership from that.

I don’t advocate for nuclear weapons and using such a weapon would probably cause a lot more problems than we would want to deal with. However in an act of vengeance it’s not that long of a leap to think a return nuclear strike would of course occur pending an attack on the US. I can only assume North Korea knows this as it was really easy to Google and find out. So I have to wonder what their problem is? Why are they making threats at all in a situation that is not winnable for them? The sanctions the UN keeps putting on them is directly linked to their actions and they just do not seem to get that I guess because the threats have no power at all. Even more interesting is the fact that if the US went to war in North Korea with troops….so would most of Europe, Asia, and and our allies in the Middle East. China isn’t going to protect them – they’ve insulted China and have bit the hand that has helped them. China is getting upset with North Korea. Do you think they would turn to Russia? I don’t think Putin is going to push for any sort of aid for North Korea and risk starting the Cold War all over again. So there you have it. They have no friends, no real allies, and they’re making a whole lot of commotion. I wonder when enough will be enough for our leaders…or are we just going to keep ignoring these shrill little puppets forever? It’s not like any of America would be against Kim Jong-Un being replaced by Kim Jong-GONE.

I would remind Americans that Sun Tzu once spoke of war and how to defeat enemies such as North Korea:The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself“. North Korea is it’s own worst enemy and like a internet troll……one should let it extinguish it’s own flame to be rid of it.

I would like to take this moment, as the founder of the American Patriot Movement, to condemn the threats of North Korea. Their actions are no different from an internet troll that is being tolerated by a webmaster. The medicine in my experience to get rid of a troll is to ignore it. Do not give it the attention it craves and let it sit in the dark with no one to talk to. It’ll find a new hobby. Kim Jong-Un will find a new hobby. Let North Korea whine because the world is aware that if it makes good on any of their threats America will wipe their nation and tyrannical regime off the planet. Any real action from North Korea is the same as suicide.