Presidential Term Limits Must Not Change

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I was looking at the statistics of this site and how people get here and one of the key terms I saw was about Presidential Term Limits. I don't remember speaking on this topic however I do remember liberals in the past few months suggesting that Obama could run for a third term as President. Now we all know that in and of itself would probably cause a civil war and even less of us know that both sides have suggested getting rid of term limits for decades. It seems to be to be a very good topic to discuss and to explain why term limits are indeed needed and why they should not change. In fact while the electoral system and how we elect Presidents is entirely broken this aspect of our elections is actually pretty spot on.

American Presidents serve for 4 years at a time and can be elected twice for a grand total of 8 years. There are only four examples I can think of that could or rather have transcended this general rule and we'll discuss them in some detail. It's not very often but Presidents can be elected twice even if it is not back to back terms as is the norm. For example if Bill Clinton wished to run for a second term he could very well do so. He is within his right to do so although it would probably not work out in his favor considering how long America has had to judge him. America has not had the same luxury with President Obama as of yet because he is still actively in office. He still had his supporters and critics and honestly until he leaves office no one will truly be able to objectively look at his record. We can criticize on the here and now issues but not on the long term issues such as Obamacare. We are well aware Obamacare is going to put us into more debt but how much and how fast and if the plan will do any good at all is still to be determined. Even bad things can have the side effect of having a slightly good outcome amongst the bad. So the idea floating around at the very start of Obama's second term that he could run for a third term is clearly in the realms of ludicrous if not just plain stupid.

Lets take a quick history lesson. The Presidential Term limit was imposed by George Washington (1789–1797) who as you are aware was our first President out of the revolutionary war. Washington did not have any constraints, rules, or limits on his office and could have literally done anything. He was setting the example because democracy was not a common ideal and was not experienced by many at the time in the states. He could been President forever and established himself as a sort of King and the people would have gone with it. Washington enjoyed a very high approval rating and really since the country was new and the war was won the people we're very celebratory and thinking of many other things. Washington as a courtesy to his own cause stepped down after 8 years. He was reluctant to serve the second term and when the people pressured him into a third (1796) he down right refused and set the standard we know and enjoy today. Right now a game called Assassins Creed 3 is being criticized for a additional story plot that examines a different time line where Washington would have never stepped down calling it the "Tyranny of King Washington"/ Personally I beat the game and I'd say the criticism is unfounded and we should think of such things because the reality is…Washington set the unwritten standard. We could have gone from a monarchy to another monarchy.

Every President since Washington until Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933–1945) followed the unwritten standard. Roosevelt was so liked and had such a reputation amongst the people that when the people pressured him into a third term in 1941 and an unbelievable fourth term in 1944 he accepted and served the nation for 13 years. He could have served even longer if it wasn't for his death in office on March 29th 1945 by stroke. FDR set the standard because after his death the  22nd amendment was drafted into the constitution declaring that no President may serve for more than 2 terms. It's not much of a wonder why Roosevelt was elected for four terms either if you really stop to think about it. From 1933 to 1945 was the time of World War 2 and Roosevelt was a terrific leader who really lead America strongly against the Nazi's and the threat of the Japanese. He really proved his worth and the people recognized that. In fact he did not even want to run for the third and fourth term and declared he would have to be drafted into the position – which backfired when he run as a write in candidate twice in row. 

It should be noted that Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and President Theodore Roosevelt unsuccessfully tried to obtain a third non-consecutive term years after they served. Although I hope a pattern is emerging for you now at least. The third term was banned by our constitution because no man needs a third term in office. America is not a monarchy and the danger of dictatorship is not lost on this nation. In addition a third term was only held by a great man who deserved and earned the position. Only by understanding history can we understand the future. because as we are all aware history repeats. I hope I didn't lose your during that little history lesson either because now we move on to why Obama is undeserving a third term and why it is not ideal for American Presidents to seek third terms in the Presidency.

Obama is not a great man and he has not been good for America. Often described by his opposition as one of the worst Presidents in American history one is ever confused to how he wont a second term much less the debate of a third. President Obama has crushed this nation's economy and has debated to take away rights and liberties most highlighted by the second amendment debate currently raging in the nation. His policies have crashed us into the ground, and some such as Obamacare are still propped up waiting for their nose dive into the Earth. Our foreign policy is frightening and he's alienated our allies including Israel and England. What exactly has Obama done to earn a third term? The answer is jack shit. He didn't even earn a second term however he won because our election system is broken and with the internet lawmakers are finally beginning to understand. We ave new forms of propaganda coming out that even Joseph Goebbels would have been impressed with, the news media is in the pocket of a single political party, and we have revolving door systems that make people actually feel like the liberal policies are working while the middle class and above and looking and going…yeah that's not helping you at all. That's how this President won and why his approval rating is not in the twenty percent range to be completely honest. America is so fooled, the sheeple so hoodwinked, that not even common sense and purse evidence can get through to them. America is becoming a nation of fools. 

It's not that I don't think President Obama should get a third term; believe me when I say that I believe no president deserves a third term. America is simply not set up for leadership role that is undefined. I think a great examples of why we do not want extended terms is in a way highlighted by the supreme court. Court Justices serve until they die and in most cases, as horrible as it is to say, cannot be soon enough. The justices are not modern and they do not reflect the thinking of today. In computer terms they are outdated and obsolete. Presidents are the same way almost with the exception of them being voted in instead of just in like the Justices. In a case like Obama where the people continue to vote for him despite him being a horrible leader puts the rest of us in a vice. What do we other than revolt and make our own nation? You've trapped us into a very small box. The ever danger of a dictatorship is not lost on this nation or it's allies. A dictator can be made with ease and a third term relatively enables such a process to go through. Take a look at Egypt…their democracy just became a dictatorship and the people are still trying to figure out what has happened. That can happen to America. We are not immune to such things and it's high time the sheeple woke up and realized that they are part of the problem. No President needs more than 8 years to set his or her mark and to guide this nation. From there onwards the next part of democracy functions and the people (at least superficially since our electoral system is broken) can elect the next leader and way of thinking. That is America and that is democracy.

George Washington certainly understood because he left us these wise words: "Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession."

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  1. The founders of America had good reasons for what they put and didn’t put in the U.S. Constitution & a 2-term president was enough for them. Sadly, but maybe with understanding FDR got away with it. Hopefully, Obama won’t create a world war so he can emulate FDR.
    Cal, there is a must read book out now, A TIME TO STAND by Oliver, about decent Americans who take a stand against federal tyranny & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s provocative so I’ve been recommending it to others. THE DIARY is probably more exciting cause it shows the day to day life of a patriot in the next revolution. Both are must reads.

    • I will certainly look into it. Thanks for the suggestion. On Obama – even if he did try to emulate FDR I’m fairly certain the people would not accept it. Half the nation might the other half would be in full revolt. It wont happen because the outcome is clear…even to the White House.

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