The Random Political Questions I see

first The Random Political Questions I see

The site statistics show all sorts of things to me and how I can grow the movement. It also shows me what sort of questions are being asked the search engines and getting people here. Some of them are some really odd and random politically based questions. I really didn't think I could make an entire article on any one of these topics because I just wouldn't have much to say on the matter. I wont waste your time with short articles if I can help it. So to combat this little problem I decided a compiled interest article would be best the best way to answer these questions and how to show them in the best way here on the site. Here are the top 5 random political questions I have seen for the period of Winter 2012-13 so far:



1. What kind of rifles does Governor Cuomo have?

cuomo The Random Political Questions I see

I am not entirely sure how to answer this question personally. Andrew Cuomo is a very democratic governor in one of the worst liberal states in America; New York. Any self respecting conservative politician believes not only in the second amendment but also in the privacy of the citizen. He has no obligation to release such information to the public. However Andrew Cuomo is starkly liberal and so anti-gun that it isn't even funny. So if he had any sort of weapons I'm quite sure he would not release the information to the public under the fear of being labeled a hypocrite. I would assume one so ignorant of weaponry however does not own fire arms and consequently perhaps this is the reason that he does not respect the second amendment. One would think he would take a leaf from his brother Chris Cuomo who is starkly of the opinion that armed guards should be in school systems. The answer to the question however is going to be….no one knows but most probably no rifles or guns at all. 



2. What's going to replace the US dollar 2013?

gold The Random Political Questions I see

While the economy is indeed in shambles and the liberals are spending us out of house and home I don't personally think the US Dollar is going to fall anytime soon. While it is dropping in value I think it'll take another 10 years at least to succumb to the economical problems that we are facing today. This is yet another reason supporting my personal belief that secession is a major threat facing this nation in the next 10 years. However if the US Dollar does fall the US will probably revert to the time old fashion of non-degradable money such as the silver and gold standards. In addition states would most certainly start minting their own forms of currency and it should be noted some states such as Viriginia  are already discussing the topic of minting. Until the state currencies can take a foot hold and hold their own value or the government can recover the dollar main currency of the day is probably going to be the Gold and Silver standards. However I would not start panicking and worrying just yet.



3. What does the radical left think about legalization of marijuana?

pot The Random Political Questions I see

I'm not even sure why one would ask such a question like this. The legalization of Marijuana started out as a liberal point of contest and has gradually become a mainstream point of contest in both parties. So decades back it was the liberals wanting legalization and the conservatives not wanting it which of course is vastly different from today where it's the citizens wanting legalization and the Government not wanting it. So it's quite safe to say that a majority of the radical left (read: Liberals) supports the idea of legalizing Marijuana for adults to use.  



4 Is the Wounded Warrior Project Anti-Christian?

warriorfail The Random Political Questions I see

We actually wrote on this topic not too long ago when the Wounded Warrior Project made a decision that caused outrage amongst citizens by denying the donation of a church Sunday school class. While I do not know if they are officially anti-Christian I do realize that actions speak louder than words and actions are what caused this question to be asked in the first place. It should be noted that on February 6th the Wounded Warriors Project did indeed apologize the the church they rejected but at the same time still rejected their donation. This personally says to me that the apology is a hollow attempt to repair their image and that they have not fixed the problem that was the core of the issue. I will no longer support or donate to their cause as I have in the past…but the determination is up to you to interpret. 


5. Why are you no longer on certain social networks?

question The Random Political Questions I see

Certain social networks lost my respect when I realized what they really stood for: money, power, fame. The usual pit falls of humanity. These groups, and there are about 3 of them so far, displayed very unprofessional responses and basically showed me that they did not respect the people that they supposedly represented on their network. They didn't uphold the core values that they supposedly stood for. They basically actively practiced hypocrisy. So I dropped them and I personally do not visit them. Those sort of sites are not worth my time. While I do respect those who seek to bring together the political community on the internet. There is a right way and a wrong way and the networks you no longer see us supporting took the wrong way. Personally I'm very very tired of seeing this question come up and I am more than happy to finally put it to bed. Without going into detail just realize…they caused us to leave by their actions and the consequences they brought about with said actions. I walked away as the more mature party.