congress Secession Without Battle or Blood

I'm find that in this time of great political division that I am actually preferring the thought of secession and the formation of a new country. I don't plan to be the man to organize that movement and I don't see that being the goal of my American Patriots Movement either. However it's still a fun topic to discuss and I must say that I would not be against aiding and being a part of a group building a new nation that actually follows the constitution and doesn't succumb to pop culture and decisions that fall away from our country values. I'm talking about the formation of a country that is truly free and does not worry about the Federal Government looking over their shoulder, doesn't worry about their kids in the very liberal school system, doesn't need to fret about poor self serving leaders, and actually sticks to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and the envision that the founders had for this nation. I fear some days I'm becoming Libertarian but then again that's why I formed the American Patriot Movement I suppose. Today I want to venture into the topic of secession without bloodshed or battle because everyone seems to have this blood lust or idea that civil war would accompany secession. While I cannot guarantee that is not the case I do believe that other variables can and will come into play that will withhold such things from taking place. The big picture let's call it for now.

Let's first go over the basic facts and background concerning this topic so that we can explain how secession is now possible in this nation after so many decades and why the blood of the citizens is boiling. The liberals have control of the mass media and have perfected the ways of propaganda in a way that even Joseph Goebbels would be impressed with. The liberals have successfully vilified the right with subjective claims and accusations that quite frankly don't come up to par. The nation is filled with sheeple who do not think past the IQ level of who's going to win American Idol. The liberals are debating on how they can take the second amendment away from the citizen and some states are even considering tying that with breaches of privacy and seizures of firearms. We're in a downed economy with a President who after 4 years cannot take responsibility for his own actions. We're in a war that we cannot escape and more wars are brewing that we will almost undoubtedly be tied into. Last but now least (ok not last either…we could keep listing all day) it's almost certain  with the way this nation is currently that a conservative will not be able to reclaim the White House and the Oval Office.

Liberal policy is destroying this nation and then the liberals wonder where all of the secession talk comes from. Well….they caused it with their actions and as we all know actions have consequences. Here are the consequences: we're done with this nation that you have corrupted and we're making a new nation that holds true to the values and foundations of the last. We'll forge a truly free nation that respects the citizen instead of the entitled. My advice to the liberals is laugh it up while you still can, joke about it, have your comedians like Bill Maher profanely bash it, so when it's all said and done and this issue is looking you straight in the eye you can say…"Well I had fair warning. I saw the warning signs and I saw the dangers, I saw how to fix it and how to work towards avoiding it, and I was too stupid to get off the couch to make a move to do so.". There is no lack of information showing the danger of secession yet the serious talk about it only comes out of the conservative movements. Even Jefferson Davis, the iconic President of the Confederacy stood at this precipice and despaired over the lack of discussion and change: I worked night and day for twelve years to prevent the war, but I could not. The North was mad and blind, would not let us govern ourselves, and so the war came.

Jefferson Davis also lived in a much different time however and while Americans fighting between Americans seemed much more possible then. I find it quite unlikely to be a concern in this modern day and age. In fact I do see this upcoming secession as being mutual and bloodless. Where a series of states get together and announces in Congress that they are done with the status quo and the recurring problems and the division among belief. They are fed up with the corruption and the lack of respect for the citizen. That they are leaving with their respective state government and citizens from the Continental United States of America to form their own nation. Of course there will be squabble and a ton of criticism and even more flak and words from our so called President and his lackies but I doubt anything will be done. The Liberals at this point are now in a mood to say "just go" instead of fighting for menial things such as land and cities. Even they can see from history back that Civil War will happen if they interfere with the progress they themselves forged the path of. They don't want that sort of conflict and they know despite anything America has no mood for it. Americans killing Americans? No sir will that happen.  A diplomatic end is the expected and most anticipated to end such an event despite the call for a civil war. The only real question left in my mind is what will change in this new era, how it will come about, and when it will come about. As I've already predicted I am giving 2016 as it's starting point and 2025 as a point where it will start. We shall see if I am right or not. Regardless today's quote comes from Robert E. Lee, a Confederate General who once warned that: "The war… was an unnecessary condition of affairs, and might have been avoided if forbearance and wisdom had been practiced on both sides".

Maybe I"m not so much enjoying the topic…but someone has to make the point. We can still come back from this and while it doesn't seem like much of a threat now….make no mistake it's starting. The mood is starting to perk up, the variables starting to align, and partisan speakers starting to heat up. Only by working together democratically can we save this nation. The American Patriot Movement is taking a stand to work towards working with other political beliefs but at the same time not yielding what we know is right. I can only hope some liberal takes up the flag of cause and makes a counter movement to mine to work towards a constructive and cooperative future. In any case my movement is in it's infancy and will be fleshing out it's core values next week so look for a APM Party Article soon. If you have any sort of feedback or want to be a part of the process you may comment below saying such. 




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