Time For a New Flag?

There has been a lot of civil war talk lately and it's all getting hyped up by the news and radicals alike. Some feel that a civil war is the only way to solve our differences, some like I do feel that conflict is on the horizon due to political tensions, and others quite clearly feel ignorance is truly bliss and would ignore the political state of America. The fact is no matter what you believe something big is coming and whether it's civil war or just something new that will shake up our society who can really tell? I'm not one for division and I am not one to want a conflict but I have always been a fan of symbolism and the power behind imagery. I wonder if it isn't time to raise an old flag to make our point across.

What I am referencing to of course is the Confederate Battle flag, one of the many flags that represented the Confederate states of America, still lovingly referenced by some as the Stars and Bars. Since our political leaders are not listening to us and have no intentions to work together and restore America one might think it's time for some unity and a sign. What if we all raised the Confederate Battle Flag one day? What if we raised it on our home, raised it at our places of work, and displayed it proudly over our stores. So that when your governor drives down the street in his fancy car with it's premium gas he can feel the tension rising. He can see that the status quo has changed. Where he can see that he works for the people and not the other way around.

Now I am not calling for conflict or secession but a simple show of pride from our nation and from the patriots who reside within. The patriots who can see things are not working out so well, that the system is broken, and that the sheeple are dependent on outside influences. We all need to unify under a symbol that shows that we are not alone, we do have a voice, and we are never afraid to use it. Everyone who sees this message will know that America is free and her people speaking. It's time to stop pretending to the world that we do not have a problem and that we are losing ourselves with every month that passes.

To use a symbol as powerful as the Confederate Flag of America is essential. Such a symbol strikes fear into the liberals and worry our lawmakers. It's historically significance is that of citizens who once said enough is enough and made their own nation. It's time to raise the stars and bars proudly in a showing that enough is enough and we the citizens of the United States of America are ready to take up the mantle that our founding fathers gave us so many centuries ago. The people, the citizens, are not afraid of the federal government, and that the state should be on top.

From here on and as long as you can show your leaders that you mean business and that we as Americans are one force.  

  • Like 50 ninjas

    I do not think raising the Confederate flag would be a good idea, due to the fact that the leftards will spin it as racist. Fly the Second Revolution Flag… it looks cool, and would show a unity of Patriots.

    • http://patrioticvoices.com/ Cal Sullivan

      Sure, or why not come up with a new flag. I need to organize the political party this site intends to put forward and make symbols and flags in the next 2 days.