Zimmerman Vs The Public Mob

During my hiatus away from politics quite a few things happened that should have been noted upon. However real life was far too important to distract from to foray back into the battle that is politics. In that regard I am done with my hiatus and I am ready to advance the movement albeit at a slower pace. For right now I am content with it being a blog and a source of my personal opinion. As noted by many “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither will this movement. Which brings me to my topic at hand for today; not everything can be judged by outside appearance. Just as we judged this movement to go faster than it should have the country misjudged George Zimmerman as a horrible person whereas all actions point to where he is not. I have always said and maintained what my Mother taught me when I was young: “actions speak louder than words” and I think it is high time such actions are recognized and fairly compared.

The nation is well aware of the Zimmerman case involving a young man named Trayvon Martin. There is no need to be redundant on the matter no more than we must since people continue to keep the topic alive even after a jury acquitted the man and declared him innocent. That should have been the end of the topic and America’s corrupt media should have found a new topic to bludgeon American minds with for another lengthy time period but however that did not happen. In fact that opposite happened much to the surprise of many. The hate machine dismissed the jury’s decision and started it’s gears up once again. The Black Panthers vented,threatened and organized riots. Notable racists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson stirred up the black community with lies and emotion.  Eric Holder and the corrupt Attorney Generals office that he commands decided to unconstitutionally try George Zimmerman again and seize his firearm which violated his second amendment rights. President Obama came out and stirred the pot making the controversy even higher up. The liberals foamed at the mouth. The hate machine rose up like a great cloud of ash from a factory long dormant in a age of peace and it reared back and roared at us ordinary citizens hoping to move away from this agonizingly stupid topic. We are now several weeks into the hate machine’s wake and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down as Al Sharpton leads those in favor of his lies in 100 protests around the nation which have almost all turned into riots.

All this machinery rumbling and roaring…and George Zimmerman pops out of sight. No one has seen him. No one knows where he is but he’s safe. Suddenly 4 people do find him and they find him when they need a human hand the most. A family overturned their SUV on a Florida highway and several bystanders aided to their rescue; one of them George Zimmerman. Not for the fame or the cameras Zimmerman escaped after making contact with a deputy from the public eye and would not have even been recognized if not for a car crash victim who had recognized his good Samaritan. Oh the irony. All this happening of course as people continue to send Zimmerman’s parents death threats and uprooting everyone in his family from their homes in fear of hateful retribution.

No this is not about Trayvon Martin or what may or may not have happened this night. It’s about the fickle mob and what we have judged by outside appearance only to change our minds once we look within. Who are the bad guys in his situation? George Zimmerman – a man who willing handed himself over to the police, cooperated in every way, stood trial by a jury of his peers, and was exonerated? Or the hateful machine of the left stirring up racial emotions not seen since the 1992 LA Race Riots. Who really is the bad guy? Isn’t it obvious?

This nation will never get past racial tensions until we stop it ourselves. Revision and change must come from the black community first and foremost before anyone else. Young African Americans wonder why white women clutch their purses as they pass – is it racism or attention to detail? The detail is much of the crime we experience comes from the black community. There are many reasons why this is so and they are documented every year by government census reports that are starkly ignored by anyone with the power to make any sort of change. Once that has been accomplished then we can move on to other races. However do not assume racism is going to die when those playing victim try to implicate others. My old MTI once said “you lead from the front” and anyone knows that if you want to make real change you must change yourself first.

I leave you tonight with a quote by Bill Cosby, an amazing actor, an an even more amazing voice in the black community (if only they would stop to listen). Cosby once said “People can be more forgiving than you can imagine. But you have to forgive yourself. Let go of what’s bitter and move on“.

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