Trump In Mexico!


I am ecstatic to hear that Donald Trump has accepted an invitation to meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto later today. There’s actually a few different reasons why I like this chain of events. It’s not just because the event is important but also because of the political implications of the race. This election is ever changing! The media has been pushing this negative view that trump is losing so badly but the fact is this week he’s on top!

The first reason I like this meeting so much is definitely related to my college major: History. It is a fact that the Presidential Elections in America have shifted so far that we are now seeing history in the making. We are seeing a precedent being set for future Presidential Candidates to follow. Instead of candidates making weak challenges, accusations against opponents, and making promises (that we know damn right and well they won’t keep) we now seem them acting like Presidents and showing that they can indeed do the job. The word “qualified” has been thrown around a lot in this election but it seems the bar for “qualified” has risen and Donald Trump has met the bar and raised it even higher. So, even beyond this election this meeting has implications that we will see repeat.

Getting into the real meat potatoes of the topic we can really see how this helps Trump. Donald Trump is polling pretty well among all Americans combined. It changes a bit with different demographics and different views but it stands that polls including the LA Times are now showing Trump leading the election. Polls are also showing Trump’s unfavorable rating (which has been very high, along with Clinton) now starting to decrease while seeing a simultaneous rise in Clinton’s unfavorability. We are also starting to see independent polls showing Trump rising in Hispanic, African American, and Women voter ratings. So by acting Presidential and showing that he can be a leader Trump sets himself apart from his competition. Just as he caught President Obama slacking off on his job during the Louisiana Flooding (2016) we now see the same sort of scrambling from the Clinton campaign. Whereas before Hillary Clinton has no interest in the meeting in Mexico; hours after the Trump announcement we see her aides scrambling to catch up. Trump once again has forced the half of his opponents and critics into following his actions.  That’s of course a big deal. It’s going to be the main drive of opinion change especially in independent voters.

The meeting itself isn’t just historic but beneficial to America. The fact is America has a massive problem with illegal immigration. The Democrats tend to ignore the issue in order to pander to the Hispanic vote but the average American wants our laws enforced. Immigration is not the root of all of our problems but it is a certain factor in the problems of this nation including but not limited to drugs, gangs, crime, and tax evasion.Donald Trump may have started his campaign out on a hardliner approach but almost everyone knew he had to adjust his immigration plans to match reality. You simply cannot get rid of  over 11 million illegal immigrants in this nation. That’s where Mexico comes in. If Nieto and Trump can come to an understanding an appropriate coalition may be formed that does take immigration seriously. Imagine a jointly controlled and guarded border fence by two nation allied together and cooperating in more ways than we see today. The optics are engaging to say the least. This gives Trump the chance to sit down and negotiate by diplomacy how to deal with illegal immigration without sacrificing his primary positions. The fact that he’s positioned this meeting hours before a major immigration speech where he set to release his immigration plans is just genius. The timing could not be any better.

Lastly this puts the Hillary Clinton and her Democrats on the edge. Hillary Clinton didn’t want to visit the Mexican President because she had worked with Mexico in her past assignments. She didn’t feel the need for present day diplomacy because she had experienced past diplomacy. A concept that seems lazy and rather incomprehensible considering how fast global events whiz by us. Her campaign is now scrambling to get a meeting with Nieto scheduled and appears desperate to catch up with the huge gap Trump has just created. The optics for her is terrible. She didn’t care about current events because her party, the Democrats, thought it owned the Hispanic vote. True, she was polling high with them but she of all people should know elections shift quickly. You cannot just put a voting block into a box and save it for later because it traditionally sides with your side. It doesn’t work that way. It appears Clinton is in for a real shock when it comes to Hispanics.

This article was made before the meeting but I’m sure we’ll see great things from it. Things that even I couldn’t predict. Tonight’s Trump speech should open doors.

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