Donald Trump Resets the Election!

In what might be the most impressive happening of the election yet yesterday we saw Donald Trump and Mexico President Nieto side by side speaking to the world. In what Democrat experts hoped was going to become a massive Trump embarrassment became their worst nightmare in a matter of hours. Not only did Trump meet with the Mexican President but he also engaged in diplomacy expected to be seen from two world leaders. The curtain has been removed Americans now cannot claim Trump isn’t a leader or worthy of the Presidency. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was sent into a scared frenzy to react.


It was one of heck of a day for politics wasn’t it? I was pretty happy to say the least. I’m going to lay it out for you too. First, as is common with my writings I like to point out the historic value of what occurred. That’s always the most important point to me! Donald Trump met with a foreign leader and came back victorious having negotiated with that said leader and opening the doors to further relationship building. No other presidential candidate in history has done that. In fact it’s a major operation if even a sitting President negotiates in such a way. Trump’s action of speaking with Nieto opens the door to further and greater alliances with Mexico. We have an issue with illegal immigration and drugs. Consequently Mexico has a problem with the cartels and a massive flow of weapons illegally crossing the border into Mexico. Now doesn’t it just sound like an alliance is in order? Each nation could help each other and both could have a jointly guarded border.

Donald Trump probably realized that this week as his speech accurately represented his original points on immigration but also seemed to reflect his diplomatic mission earlier in the day. His speech was on point and definitely a strong turn from what we’ve seen previously coming from his campaign. In fact for the last two weeks Trump has shown a consistent and strong shift to the general election and how a world leader should act. With his trip to Mexico we saw Trump in a different light. Suddenly the man the liberal media has been insistently telling us was unqualified for over a year looked more qualified than any presidential candidate to come before him. Instead of campaigning we saw the man doing the job of the President and showing that he could really excel at it.  The polls are already rising to show Donald Trump winning in the general election over Hillary Clinton this week and those numbers will surely only continue to rise if the coming weeks are like this week has been. In any case his immediate polling numbers will rise.

On the other hand the Hillary Clinton campaign isn’t feeling so good. They lost the opportunity to meet with the Mexican leader because they assumed it to be a trivial meeting. In fact many Democratic strategists went on the air earlier in the day predicting a massive embarrassment for the Trump campaign; Nieto and Trump have had their differences after all. Instead they found their candidate making a speech to the American Legion, who by the sound of their applause we’re either bored or tepid, but either way clearly had no interest in her. The election changed and they we’re too overconfident and narcissistic to even notice. They got left behind. Even damage control today was rather weak and still unorganized with most Democratic Strategists trying to spin the story. They claim that Trump was too weak or afraid to bring up the topic of the wall to Nieto. Donald Trump Jr immediately squashed that accusation however teaching us that it is beyond the measure of stupidity to come to a negotiation with all your cards displayed. Besides Nieto is fully aware of the wall plan and there’s no real reason to think that they didn’t discuss it in some manner. So the Democrats find themselves in a very losing position this week.

It’s hopeful that the election will continue to get better and people will continue to see Hillary Clinton as the corrupt criminal that she is. Can’t wait for November!

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