The Basic Politician, STEP ZERO, You’re a nobody!

I’m writing two articles for today. I might be called ambitious or even lackadaisical with nothing left to do but I won’t be called unprepared. I know it takes a long time to get a blog noticed and I know it takes content to make a website design look functional. That is my major grudge with this website at the moment: all the white space where pictures and text should be! So I write more and more.


Although this post is not about the website. The website is a trivial matter when compared to what I am trying to achieve in politics right now. I am trying to build a future where I can look back and be happy with my life. With a great love of politics that means being involved and working towards a brighter future with our leaders and the supporting staff who have their backs. One just doesn’t wake up one day and decide to run for office, well, some of us do, but most of us tend to prepare. That’s me. I am in the process of networking and building a reputation within my local community. It starts at home after all.

I am your basic politician. Not your famous Rand Paul, Trey Gowdy, or Marco Rubio. The average person who runs for office and either gets there or doesn’t. I am at STEP ZERO. The bottom rung of the ladder. The guy who is preparing to run for office and knows he’s going to do it but just isn’t at the moment in time yet. That’s where I hope you are or are going to be when you read this post. My intent is not just to blog on political topics but also chart my journey from the bottom to wherever the glass ceiling is. Of course I have no doubts I’m going to put my fist though that glass ceiling but we will journey together.

So let’s start off like a stereotypical how-to guide. So you want to be a politician? Well, it takes a lot of work and a lot of networking. Most of us can’t just wake up and run for President like Donald Trump. We have to build ourselves up in the community first. I’ve started out as a GOP volunteer, a Trump Campaign Volunteer (because we need a Republican President at this point), and I’m in the process of starting a College Republicans chapter on the university I attend. I’m doing this for a few different reason and, yes, some of them are selfish. Not only do I want to leave a legacy on this campus in the form of political engagement and activism I also want to build a base to work off of in my personal pursuits. By being the face of the GOP on campus I work with many different people in many different levels of leadership. That puts me in a position to gain friends, allies, acquaintances, and other connections. It allows me to build a reputation so that when I announce that I am running for office and I come seeking donations I’ll get some. I’ll get pointed to folks. I’ll have a campaign staff.

See, being the lowest politician isn’t a burden but an honor. You get to meet so many people and do so many things with very little expectation of you. You’re not running for office yet. You’re job is to aid those who are and help the community improve itself. You can walk away from it without actually fulfilling your goals and no one will criticize you. No one will call you a quitter. No one will think any lesser of you. You’re a nobody, a political pleb, and just another cog of the public servant system. That isn’t to discredit anyone though. That’s to put your ego in place as mine needed as well. Although you have me telling you this whereas I figured out this ethos on my own. Be friendly, be outgoing, be charitable, be ambitious, and remember you always being watched by someone.

I look forward to blogging my career path with you and I hope you follow a similar path.

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