Bye Bye Paris Accord!


It’s the end of the world. President Trump has pulled out of the world climate deal known as the Paris Accord. Doom, gloom, and an incoming apocalypse. At least that’s what the left wing seems to want people to think. As I’m sure everyone is aware of by now, by either the media’s whining, or the left wing’s crying, President Trump pulled America out of the climate treaty that was championed and signed by President Obama.

Now all the hype aside (I’ll parody that later) lets take a deep look here. The Paris Accord was a fundamentally flawed treaty to begin with. It calls together many of the established nations of the world to reduce their Carbon and pollution output. This is to reduce the risk of climate change but not by much. The hope is to set a threshold that the world will cut back emissions to the point where we will not see the Earth rise even 2 degrees more in temperature. Seems rather admirable if you think about it. At least until you realize that since 1880 the Earth has only risen about one degree Fahrenheit.

Still, with Climate Change being an issue it’s only acceptable to work towards a solution. America can absolutely work towards a solution in climate change and we can definitely reduce our pollution levels. This isn’t a problem and it takes a fair amount of consideration and regulation to get done. It’s a challenge but it’s not impossible. The problem lies in this Paris Accord where the odds are stacked against America. This is where the left wing seems to get confused (and hostile); they can’t seem to think this through rationally. The Paris Accord places expectations and burdens enforceable with sanctions on it’s signatories and sets ambitious goals for it’s host nation.

The real problem stems in how the nations are divided in responsibility. As the treaty stands America is being taken advantage of. The nation is expecting to see unnecessarily high regulation on industry and our economy. This will hurt our job outlook and our exporting across the world.  As opposed nations like India or China, both who produce almost or near as much pollution and Carbon as America, do not get these burdens. We’re faced with a situation where the weight of the world, and the mission to save the world from it’s own natural processes is placed fairly on the shoulders of the American tax payer. We’re funding this operation but the only thing we see in exchange is harm.

Donald Trump, our President, is a known businessman, and one would think knowing his book being called “The Art of the Deal” would be a red flag for liberals in America; a literal “aha!” moment. America can leave the Paris Accord and sit it out in the world is ready to negotiate fairly. If the world wants to address this topic one would think they would do it where all parties are treated fairly and expected to uphold the same burdens. Any idiot who has taken an Earth Science class can tell you about wind patterns. The carbon and pollution created by America or China doesn’t stay over those respective nations. One nation really can pollute the entire planet and it makes no sense to impose regulations on one nation and not do the same for the others. It’s not rocket science.

Of course this is over the heads of liberal America. Hollywood is screaming bloody murder, the elite and wealthy of the left wing are protesting, and the rank and file party members are pushing doom like it’s free candy. To these people the world is ending. The sky is falling. It’s over. We’re done. Nothing can be done to help it. Of course this is the normal reaction of hysteria. They have hyped themselves up to the point where they have blinded themselves. Many hated our President to begin with and didn’t have enough sense to judge this action fairly to begin with. It’s rather pathetic to be honest. It’s really reflects poorly on our nation. Of course the world leaders are crying too.

Macron from France is inviting American scientists to France; like anyone is really going to visit that hot mess of a nation over America. Germany’s Angela Merkel decided to insult America and it’s President; no comment from her on her own nation’s steep decline. China remained silent…which given North Korea was probably pretty smart. Trump of course lashed out over Twitter noting he represents America…not the world. I agree with this so much too. If the world was so concerned with climate change why did they write a treaty that took advantage of America in the first place? Trump has the burden of fixing our declining nation and despite the constant crying and accusations coming from the Democrats he has done a spectacular job. I have no concerns here. Pulling out of the Paris Accord was absolutely the right choice.

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