Lets gets something out of the way. I am a millennial, a student, a conservative, and I have served in the United States Air Force. After gasping please take a deep breath and calm yourself. This is understandably confusing. The liberal media has convinced you that all millennials, especially those who are college students (I am a history major) have sided with the Democrats, unconditionally. Well, I am here to simply drop my foot on that political myth (or propaganda considering how you view it) and open WordPress up to a new sort of conservative. The youth movement.

Technically a millennial, at least as defined in 2016, is anyone under 40 years of age. Which means there’s a lot of millennials who don’t even know they’re in our ranks!

Obviously an Avatar...

Obviously an Avatar…

Am I 40? Hell no. I am 28 though and I am feeling a bit old walking this college campus with all the kids. I had a late start in life after all. I chose to work after high school instead of going to college. Now, hard work is a great lesson in life but it doesn’t get you that magical piece of paper that opens doors to better jobs. I started working at 15 (I was restaurant cook and to this day I can’t stand cooking) but by the time I had turned 18 and graduated high school I was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B). Yes, one of those guys who rush to you when you have a stroke, a heart attack, wreck your car, and with rampant 911 abuse in America whenever an old person anywhere stubs their toe. More on that later. I loved that job but EMT’s make nothing in salary, minimum wage, so I had the bright idea to enlist in the United States Air Force.

So here I was 23 years of age and I’m a grunt in the Air Force working with kids. Feels like my life hasn’t changed much since then.  The Air Force saw fit to put me in health care. I guess they saw all those EMT skills and thought to themselves…”what would be a great job for an EMT”. If you guessed EMT you’re wrong. They made me a Surgical Technician. No, I don’t know why either. It was a good four years working in the Operating Room and I enjoyed it. I was assigned way too often to help with C-Sections however. #babies

The year 2015 came fast and so did my contact’s expiration. By that time I was bored of my job and it’s lack of leadership. When you hear a military man or woman joking about how the military is like high school: don’t laugh. They’re not joking. They’re lamenting on their career choices and wondering how to proceed.  The answer is carefully. So I left the military and found employment (temporarily) with an ambulance department (I’ve held my EMT certification for over 11 years!) before moving to the state of Virginia 6 months later. I did this because I could attend college under the Post 9/11 GI Bill which I earned.

Fast forward to 2016 and you found me in a university in Virginia. We don’t need to be specific on the internet especially when considering Sullivan is an alias (a pen sur name if you’d accept that). Kyle is my first name though so congrats you slightly know me. I decided to study my favorite topic of all – HISTORY! I also decided to minor in Criminal Justice with the intent of using the degree to get a job in federal law enforcement.

Which may or may not happen when you consider politics. I love politics. I watch too much politics, I read too much politics, I breathe politics. It’s scary to be honest. Politically, I am a Conservative and I am a registered Republican. I am in the process of starting and leading a College Republican Chapter and I am a volunteer for both the local GOP and the Trump Campaign (who I hope wins – otherwise it might be a morbid next four years on this blog). I fully intend to run for office some day. Might be soon. Might be later. Might not happen but it’s not wise to count your chickens before they are hatched (Yes, I’m a country boy and I live where the forest meets the farmland, rural as can be).

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